Ways to Boost the Morale of Drug Offenders

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Drug-related offenses are dealt with more harshness than other (and sometimes more heinous) crimes. A woman caught with a small bag of marijuana might receive the same length of incarceration as a man who committed sexual assault. It is disturbing that a mental disorder such as drug addiction can be treated more as a legal issue than a health issue. So it becomes more important for us (especially if we work as a rehab center facilitator, health practitioner, criminal attorney, or bail bondsman in Summit County) to help those unfairly charged with drug-related crimes.

In the meantime, here is what you can do to boost the morale of the accused.

Give them a sense of understanding.

You should help the offender realize what is right or wrong for themselves. It gives them a sense of responsibility, agency, and respect. They would understand their own motivations this way. Not only would they know why they did what they did but also to what extent it was wrong. They are, after all, victims of a society and more than offenders of the law. Of course, nothing excuses the crime of drug peddling, and they must understand that if they are indeed guilty of it. However, for an offense to not be repeated, one must understand the cause and do something about it.

Give them a support system.

You should allow them to talk to their friends and family. At this point, moral support from loved ones remains crucial. It is more vital than ever. Remind them that they have a support group that will love them unconditionally and trust them to come out of prison as a changed person. For them to achieve change and not be in trouble next time, they must believe in their ability to avoid committing the same mistake. Doing this will boost their chance of coming clean after their offense.

Give them hope.


Consider emphasizing the positive side of the situation. For instance, if there’s a bail, a good lawyer, or a strong case. If none of these apply, dig deeper for a shred of hope that should be there. Something is making these people continue the fight. You can also help the person accused of drug-related offenses understand that the difference between hope and despair is not the evidence that points to either. But it is the leap of faith one is willing to make when nothing seems to be there. Hang on to the possibility that things will turn out for the better. And then work from there.

Drug addicts and drug peddlers are more than criminals or offenders. They’re victims of society, pushed by hardships into lives of addiction, who are more likely than not from a background of poverty. To believe and help them means making this world a better place for everyone. As long as poverty exists, so will drug-related crimes. A total overhaul might sound effective, but it doesn’t come right away. We should focus on transforming individuals so that society can be changed even little by little.

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