10 Practical Tips in Securing and Protecting Your Business

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Whether you own a small business or a large one, regardless of how long you’ve been in the game, you still need to prioritize your company’s security and protection from anything that could put it at risk.

Many companies provide safety and security assessments and recommendations. Never hesitate to acquire their services. You can take advantage of their different services and products, like the Servicenow Security Module, to keep your company protected.

We have listed down a few practical tips for you to ensure that your business is safe and sound.

10 Ways to Ensure Your Business’ Security and Protection


1. Make sure your smartphones are secure.

Technology has allowed us to store sensitive data on our smartphones. For this reason, your smartphone’s security is one of your top priorities, especially if you also use this for work and store important data on it.

2. Always use strong passwords for every log-in.

Passwords are now easy for hackers to decipher, especially if the ones you use are as simple as 12345678 or Password. Create a stronger one for each one of your log-ins and make sure you change them at least every quarter.

3. Keep a close eye on the control of your shop’s keys.

With all the attention to the digital platforms, it’s hard not to overlook the actual physical keys that give you access to different areas in your business. Unlike digital hacking, mechanical keys leave no paper trail to detect the perp. Have a key control policy in place and strictly observe it.

4. Delete all data from your hard drives.

Before you throw out those old computers and copy machines, take the time to delete all the contents in their hard drives. If you don’t do that, data and identity thieves are gonna have a field day going through all your files. Does security breach sound serious enough for you?

5. Put a social media policy in place.

Almost everyone has access to social media nowadays and almost anyone can easily, albeit unintentionally, share certain information that could put your company at risk. Develop and enforce a social media policy for your employers to prevent sensitive information from leaving the building.

6. Secure all points of entry to your store with high-quality deadbolts.

Deadbolts may be an ordinary mechanism, but it helps keep the bad guys away from your shop and prevents unlawful breaking and entering. Install high-quality deadbolts in all your exterior doors to guard them against even the most persistent intruder.

7. An alarm system is a must-have for all physical shops.

Most modern security systems can now sense, decide, and act against any potential threat to your shop or office. They now sense events, decide whether these events are threats, and make the appropriate actions based on the decision made.

8. Install security cameras all over your shop.

security camera installed in the ceiling

We all know how big a help closed-circuit TV cameras are nowadays. Aside from these systems acting as crime repellants, they can capture everything that happens in and outside your store premises which helps enhance security for your property and business.

9. Develop a visitor management policy and follow it to a T.

Unauthorized or unescorted visitors pose a security threat to your business. Once inside your premises, they can steal important information and sensitive data that could compromise your business operations. Develop a strong visitor management policy and enforce it to the letter.

10. Assign floor marshalls.

For bigger companies, assigning floor marshalls to help keep an eye on potential security breaches, intruders, and threats can help protect your employees and your operations.

Taking care of your business is not just about making sure it makes tons of profit. If you fail to secure it and keep it safe and unintentionally make it prone to several security threats, chances are your money-making machine will end up a failure. Do you want all your hard work and investment to go to waste?

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