Digital Marketing Guide: Strategies for Improving User Experience

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One crucial element of having an impressive brand standing and online perception is good user experience (UX). In the digital world, it helps a brand deliver its value to the target audience. It provides the users with easy interaction and better understanding of what the brand is. In today’s competitive market, having quality products and content isn’t enough. You also need to provide a good user experience in order to shine online.

Covering a brand’s communication channels, services, to web presence, achieving good user experience can be a tricky process. Let’s go through some of the best UX practices that you can do to give constant positive experiences to your website visitors.

Design for your users

First crucial thing to keep in mind is that you need a design that speaks to the audience’s tastes, interests, and group. Obviously, none of your target customers will visit your website if they don’t like your layout and design choices. For instance, if you are looking to capture the attention of the Gen Z group, your website must not only be mobile-friendly, but it should also load fast and have a streamlined design. Identify the preferences of the target users and use that to choose the best styles, layouts, shapes, fonts, and colors.

Stay up-to-date on trends

If you also work on your business website’s SEO, you probably already know that staying updated with the latest trends is an important part of building an online presence. If you want to tap into your target market’s attention, you need to know the current trends on that particular demographic and aligning your site design with that. For example, among the most popular styles nowadays is the minimalist approach, especially to modern and young consumers. This design approach offers a simplistic yet clear layout while focusing more on user experience. Apart from modern minimalism, other design trends this year include low light and dark mode UX, rotating animations, gradient color schemes, scroll-triggered animations, and interactive and storytelling styles.

Place attractive calls-to-action

One effective way to boost SEO and convert more leads is to make use of calls-to-action (CTA). May it be in a form of text, image, or graphic, CTAs are widely utilized in any SEO strategy as it’s helpful for encouraging consumers to take a specific action like ordering or buying something. Good CTAs should direct the audience where you want them to go and avoid confusion. They should make your website look more organized and structured, and draw a user’s attention to the important parts such as your products, services, subscription buttons, and discount sections.

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Utilize the white space

According to some surveys, white space is generally effective for boosting user attention. Placing it around titles and text can make your content look more legible while encouraging the audience to focus on the content as well. What’s more, white space can make a website look more modern, fresh, and open. Just make sure to not use it too much as it can take up valuable space on your website. This is even more critical if you’re planning to publish lots of content. Use white space strategically in a way wherein your content, from the images to text, will be easier for the audience to digest.

Focus on content and formats

A good website design would be useless without quality UX writing. Well-structured and modern layouts attract the audience into visiting your website, but they will not stay or buy something if they don’t see quality materials on the site. When writing content for user experience, utilize the language your target market is familiar with.  A sense of fun and humor is usually a good choice. Apart from well-written content pieces, be sure to also use appropriate and high-quality images and illustrations.

Get rid of your 404s

Lastly, make sure to eliminate your 404s. Such error pages are most certainly not good for appealing to any audience. Seeing one 404 on your website can put off a potential customer and find other competitor business website that works. Don’t let your audience experience such inconvenience and catch the 404S by thoroughly searching your website. You can also check crawl errors using Google Webmaster tools.

By carrying out these strategies and of course, with some help from a user experience specialist, you’ll be able to improve your website’s accessibility and usability. So, if you are looking to attract new customers into your business and keep the loyal ones for longer, it’s best that you now start investing in improving your website’s user experience.

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