Digital Marketing Trends You Should Take Note Of

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Digital marketing has taken over traditional advertising when it comes to conversion rates. More and more people are using the internet, be it for professional or personal purposes. This trend encompasses industries as everyone uses the internet in the first place.

Due to this shift in the market’s focus, advertisers need to keep up as well. Digital marketing has now proven itself to be the most dominant form of advertising, and below are some trends that every marketer needs to be aware of.

Use Niche-specific Social Media Sites

With the prominence of multiple social media sites, it’s easy to think to effectively market your products and services, you have to be on every platform. However, this is a rather time-consuming and resource-draining method. Different platforms often have different niches, with different market segments dominating them as well. Understanding who your audience is and what kind of social media platforms they use allows a more cost-efficient way to advertise your products.

Platforms like Facebook often have a wider and more general user base when compared to TikTok or Instagram, lending itself to a different approach. Think of who uses your product and what platform they most likely use. Smaller businesses have found great success in understanding their niche and sticking by it. Consider focusing your efforts on the most appropriate platform for your products, as it will turn more leads into customers.

Viral Video Marketing Is Undeniable

Video packages for marketing purposes aren’t exactly a new idea: many of us have lived through TV commercials and billboards displaying 15-second ads. But with the perpetually online world we’re living in now, video marketing makes a compelling case. Text and picture-based marketing material offer a quick overview of products, but videos can provide more information more appealingly.

And with the popularity of live streaming, advertising through videos has become much more engaging. Influencers and online personalities can livestream product unboxing, giving a much more involved experience that can sway a target segment’s decision over a product.

Include Engaging Interactive Content

Conventional methods of marketing are often a one-sided affair, limited to people only observing an advertisement and judging based on that. However, with the internet’s interactive nature, marketing isn’t limited to such methods anymore. Many companies now employ more interactive marketing methods, such as quizzes, surveys, even virtual samples of their products.

Furniture and appliance brands can use augmented reality (AR) to show potential customers what their living space would look like with their products in it. Eyewear companies offer browser-based software where those interested can overlay eyewear products over their pictures, giving them an idea of what they would look like. Interactive advertising methods can offer quite a convincing argument, making it a handy tool for digital marketers.

Geotargeting Increases Effectiveness


A potential client reaching out to an out-of-state company whose ads appeared in their feed is an occurrence far too common. The nature of the internet lends itself to exploring and switching websites, which then results in many end-users finding ads that are not meant for them.

For example, if an end-user is looking for a family lawyer based in a specific area, the last thing they want is to find an ad for legal services three states away. This is where geotagging comes into play. It adds geographical information to your online ad, with the intent to target users within a location defined by the marketer. It’s useful for online businesses whose services are only available in certain locations, as they won’t have to contend with saying no to customers who come from unserviceable areas.

Email Is Still Significant

Email remains the most popular form of communication, be it for professional, personal, or recreational purposes. The prevalence of email use still makes it a significant means of advertising, albeit with a new approach. Advertising through email is often seen as spammy and ineffective, as email software has now evolved to the point where it can automatically categorize which emails are updates, ads, or spam.

However, companies have realized that by providing discounts or promotional pieces and call-to-actions in their emails, they can capture the target audience’s attention. By offering email-only discounts, companies incentivize end users to interact with them, thus making emails a viable means of marketing.

Regardless of your industry, the power and advantage of online marketing are undeniable. One positive aspect of this is that it provides more access to a near-infinite set of target audiences. You only need to know where they are to better position your marketing efforts.

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