Engagement and Revenue: Keeping on Top of the Mobile Game Industry

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The mobile game industry had its humble beginning of having only one target market. These are young men in their teens or early adulthood who seem to have the luxury of time to play.

At present, the mobile gaming industry has managed to infiltrate several target markets. Mothers, corporate people, and even elders joined the trend of playing mobile games. This sweeping interest is because of many factors. For one, mobile game developers have learned to develop more quality content. Another factor is that the players now see some value in playing such games. They see mobile games as a tool to develop creativity and sharpen one’s focus. Technological advancement also made the graphics and sounds more enticing.

With a wider reach, there could be higher competition in the field. Mobile game companies and developers who are only in their startups must think of ways to stay in the loop. Their marketing team and accounting staff should brainstorm together for some strategies.

A startup mobile game business could get valuable insights from outsourced talent. For example, a part-time CFO could share expert advice on adding revenue streams. They could even share some growth strategies. Here are some ways to help increase engagement and revenue that a mobile game company could try.

Develop Games with an Appropriate Level of Difficulty

One simple way to keep players engaged in a game is to let them feel challenged in a good way. Game developers should think of how people should feel when playing a game.

A very easy one would lose the interest of any consumer. These kinds of games would give a mediocre experience to any player. But, games that are too difficult would frustrate people. They would feel stressed rather than relaxed when playing the game. Both of these scenarios could cause the consumers to uninstall the games for good. Keeping the game challenging would keep a person engaged in it.

Also, there is an opportunity to monetize in levels that may prove to be a challenge to others. Some games allow a player to skip particular levels if they watch some video ads, instead. This is a win-win situation. The game creates revenue and the player is happy to proceed to the next level.

Hold Special Events


For other industries, special events mean gathering to meet with like-minded people. In essence, this is also applicable in mobile games. But, they are more on virtual meetings of players on in-game events. These limited-time or live events gather more players at one time than on regular days.

Some games hold special events every week or every month. These are recurring events. Non-recurring special events are more unique. They could keep more players engaged with their unexpected twists and turns. Both of these kinds operate on the same premise. Players complete unique challenges. When they do, they have a chance to earn free coins, special rewards, or avail of special gifts. In-game events can even offer fresh content to the storyline of the game.

In-game events are excellent strategies to keep the interest of players in any game. The key is to announce these special events a few days before it happens. The timing of the announcement helps build excitement for old players. It also gives new players a chance to familiarize themselves with the game on the days leading up to the big event.

Make Use of Rewarded Ads

Ads could sometimes feel intrusive to any online experience. Imagine watching a video or playing a game then an ad pops up. Too much of it could be a reason for some players to uninstall a game.

But, game developers could use rewarded ads to change the perspective of some players. A person would be happy to watch a short clip if it means earning an extra life or gaining free coins. It is also an excellent alternative for mobile game companies to earn revenue. Some players are not into in-app purchases. Having rewarded ads is beneficial for both ends. A study showed that first-time users who watched an ad have a higher chance of getting an IAP later on.

The key is to still have ads that are user-initiated so as not to disturb their game. Also, remember that more does not always mean better. Place ads well so players would not get overwhelmed with its frequency.

Mobile games continue to gain popularity with people. This steadfast rise of attention makes it a lucrative industry. But in such a saturated field, the keys are player engagement and clever revenue streams. You do not only develop a game and hope that it does well. You have to study all elements to make your game relevant to players.

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