Travel Like a Movie Star: Filming Locations to Explore in Australia


Although Los Angeles, California may be the hub of Hollywood, its industry has expanded globally, including down under in Australia. The industry is so prominent in Australia that there are numerous locations in the nation where Hollywood has left its mark by shooting a movie or two.

If you’re an avid cinephile or have an upcoming business trip to consult with an SEO agency in Melbourne for work, why not explore the famous movie locations in the country and make the most out of your time there?

Here are seven famous movie locations in Australia that you can explore with loved ones, helping you all travel like a movie star.

Kakadu National Park

Crocodile Dundee was a classic movie that prompted international and domestic visitors to the Top End when it hit global box office hits back in the 80s. Most scenes featured in the movie were filmed in Kakadu National Park, the country’s largest park, surprisingly unknown even to its residents.

Early in the movie, Mick Dundee wrestles with a fake crocodile in his local bar, the Walkabout Creek Hotel, which was filmed in the Federal Hotel, located in the central Queensland town, McKinlay.

However, the place is relatively hard to get to, but if you’re willing to go through the nine-hour drive from Townsville airport, you can try out a pint in the famous bar.

Southern Highlands

Babe is one of the famous and beloved Hollywood pigs, and the movie itself was one of the most memorable “childhood” movies for most adults today. Although the movie’s sets were located in England in 1995, most of the film has Southern Highlands as its backdrop.

Specifically, the movie was filmed in Hoggett Farm, situated in the Fountaindale Grand Manor, which anyone can easily visit.


Jindabyne is a thriller film that did relatively well, and the actual filming took place in a town with the same name—Jindabyne. It’s located in New South Wales, overlooking Lake Jindabyne and the Snowy Mountains. If you love skiing or are looking to cool down, this town is the perfect place to visit as it has several top-class ski resorts.

Great Barrier Reef

Dead Calm, the iconic classic thriller starring Nicole Kidman, was filmed in the Great Barrier Reef. It’s one of Australia’s most popular attractions and boasts one of the most complex ecosystems in the world.

Although the movie’s location looked like it was miles from land in all directions, it wasn’t. Filming of Dead Calm primarily took place around the Whitsundays near the Great Barrier Reef. However, Director Philip Noyce and Cameraman Dean Semmler did well to hide the resorts and yachts, making it appear as if the stars’ vessel was stranded in the Pacific Ocean.

Bare Islands

ocean water

One of the funniest and actioned-packed movies is the Mission Impossible franchise, with the 2nd adaptation standing out the most. It wasn’t only because of Tom Cruise’s presence in the movie, but also because it was the highest-grossing film in 2000.

Mission Impossible II was shot and set in the heart of Sydney, making it even more appealing to avid cine-goers as people across the country may recognize the places as they appeared in the movie. Although locations such as Mrs. Macquaries Chair, the Sydney Opera House, and Harbor Bridge got featured in the film—these were already popular attractions.

So, the significant exposure Mission Impossible II has going on is Bare Islands, serving as the iconic military coastline in the movie.

Hunter Valley

The live adaptation of the best-selling novel made by John Marsden, named Tomorrow When the War Began, was a big hit during its release in 2010. Since the book had a “thick” storyline and had a stunning fantastical backdrop as the general settings, the filmmakers who made the live adaptation chose to film it in Hunter Valley.

It perfectly depicts the gorgeous sceneries in the movie. Although the Maitland, Blue Mountains, and Luskintyre Bridge were also featured, Hunter Valley stood out the most. You can visit Hunter Valley throughout the year and enjoy commercial activities in the location as well.

Kangaroo Island

December Boys was the movie that featured Daniel Radcliffe at the peak of his acting career. Plus, most of the film used the gorgeous location as its backdrop, making it an overall great classic. The best part is, Kangaroo Island is relatively accessible, boasting pristine wilderness and wildlife.

The place also has a thriving food and wine industry, giving you all the best things in one destination. You can go to Kangaroo Island through ferry rides.

Inspire your next vacation by walking in the footsteps of your favorite movies like Babe and Hunter Valley by listing some of Australia’s iconic film locations in your itinerary.

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