Reasons Getting an Internship will Improve Your Employability


Many academic institutions prepare aspiring professionals and students for different kinds of industries. However, gaining industry-specific skills is easier said than done since many schools and colleges often teach theories rather than have a hands-on approach. Fortunately, internships are one of the best ways of gaining work experience while being flexible for students and aspiring professionals.

Here are some significant reasons getting an internship is one of the best ways of increasing your chances of finding work and employability.

Testing the Waters

Firstly, one of the most crucial reasons for getting an internship is that this can help test the waters on the best career path for you. By learning new skills and trades. Although it might not be related to the industry that the individual might be rooting for, this can give them some insights into their strengths and weaknesses. Adaptability is key to success in almost any type of career.

Skill is built over time. Most individuals who are already working while still studying or those with internships will have more overall experience. These skills can either be technical or soft.

An important reason you should start doing internships is that it’s a good way of developing skills, not just for the current industry you might be working in but also for other sectors. Many types of skills are considered transferable. Contrary to what most people believe in, skills aren’t only industry-specific.

For instance, if you’re good with communicating in marketing, this can also be translated into skills in other departments and industries, such as sales, retail, and even e-commerce. Individuals well-versed in programming automated systems can also lend their expertise to companies that focus on digital platforms.

Aside from technical skills, many interns have gained a specific amount of experience in planning, persuading others, organizing, and communicating with others. This set of skills are known for being universal and a cornerstone towards professionalism. Most interns would say that they are now much more disciplined when working on time management than workers exposed only to theoretical learning in academic institutions.

But whether you are training your technical or soft skills, aspiring professionals should first be aware that the internship program they apply for will have a significant role in the industry they enter. Fortunately, traineeship programs in Singapore are known to have 25 sources for at least 12 industrial sectors. Whether you want to get into healthcare technology, automotive technology, or even business, this traineeship program is one of the best ways of gaining momentum for your career path.

Building Up Your Portfolio

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A considerable part of employability is showing prospective employers and clients your accomplishments. The last thing that applicants want when they’re being interviewed is being silent when asked about their employment history and any work experience. When you have a lot to talk about during interviews, this can significantly increase employability.

That said, becoming an intern can help build up your portfolio and demonstrate your professional skills and capabilities. This is why most working college students and interns will have more chances of becoming employed.

It’s also essential that fresh graduates are aware of the ever-changing market’s skills. Scaling and improving both soft and technical skills can have a lasting impact on an individual’s career.

Taking the Initiative

Last but not least, many employers appreciate workers and employees that show the grit and the initiative to get work done. Most experts would say that even though experience, skill, and credentials will play a key role in employability, it’s also important to consider having a solid work ethic and the motivation to work hard.

Most recruiters and employers won’t just look at your experience and the number of job titles you’ve filled in your resume but will also look at how long the applicant has been doing the job title. Working for a business organization longer than other individuals will show promise and is a sure sign that you’re willing to work towards building your career. Remember: getting practical experience is better than just wasting your time not doing anything productive.

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons why you should get an internship. In the ever-changing professional world, the demand for highly skilled workers with grit and determination to get things done will always be endless. Learning a trade or two and honing your skills right before entering the professional world can help you get a head start.

Still, it’s crucial first to test out the waters. Although you might be interested in going to a particular industry right after you get your college degree, it’s paramount to gain some experience firsthand.

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