Guide to Engaging Savvy Consumers

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We live in a time when marketers have their work cut out for them. All information brands put out can easily be fact-checked by consumers, thanks to the availability of Google for anybody who has access to the internet. And this is not a bad thing: In a time when misinformation and disinformation thrive, consumers can now hold brands and corporations accountable for putting profit at the expense of truth or accurate information.

If we are sincere entrepreneurs with no desire to lie in our content just to gain some profit, then we need to find ways to engage savvy customers with no intention to deceive. Speak with your partner digital marketing firm to let them know your priorities and values in this area, and watch your brand become a trusted source not just of information, but also a trusted provider of the products or services savvy consumers need. We don’t need to embellish or deceive to gain customers; we can do well by doing right by them.

Here are some helpful tips for engaging savvy consumers in a meaningful and productive way.

Create science-backed products and services

In the past few months, two influencers have been under fire for promoting blue light protection skincare. Within months of each other, streamer Valkyrae and Tiktoker turned actress Addison Rae each came up with a line of skincare products that claim to protect users from the harmful effects of the blue light from our screens. Blue light skincare is incredibly controversial because to date, not much research has been conducted to prove that we need that type of skincare in the first place. Dermatologists and skin experts are one in saying that there is no evidence that proves that our screens emit enough blue light to do much damage or harm to our skin.

The point is that so many brands are desperate to create profit that they will invent products and services that people don’t need, to the point that they would promote pseudoscience to do it. Another prime example of this tendency is Gwyneth Paltrow and her brand Goop, which has also been criticized for promoting pseudo-scientific wellness products and services.

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If you want to engage the savvy consumer, make sure your products and services are backed by science and evidence. Make sure to enlist the help of real specialists who can prove your products’ claims. If your claim is true, then it will speak for itself. Someone once said that the truth is like a lion; set it free, and it doesn’t need much defending because it will defend itself. The same is true for the claims of our products and services.

Listen, learn, and assess

Now is not the time to make assumptions about the savvy members of your target base. The best way you can engage them is by listening, learning, and assessing as much information as you can about them. You need to know their values, priorities, viewing habits, and what they’re willing to spend for. Here are some ways you can ethically and thoroughly learn more about your market:

  • Consider conducting some surveys. Instagram’s Polls feature is a fun and interactive way to get to the heart of your audience’s sentiment. If you’re looking to create a new product, you can help them be part of the development phase by asking them for their opinions. For example, if you want to come up with a new mascara, you can ask them about the shape of the tube and the wand, if it matters to them that it’s waterproof and long-lasting, and other details. Doing something like this will help your audience feel like you’re truly listening to them.
  • Advanced analytics tools are also incredibly helpful for learning more about your audience.

Focus on the value you’re providing for them

Many savvy customers want to beat the system, as is their right. They have the right to use coupons and find ways to get as many discounts as they possibly can. One of the best ways you can engage them in a meaningful way is by focusing on the value you can provide for them, and not necessarily the features of what you’re offering. Show them why choosing your brand will ultimately help them save more in the long term.

Our audiences and consumers deserve respect and dignity. Make sure that your marketing strategy is always oriented towards that core value—and it will help you avoid deceitful practices that will ultimately get you in trouble with your savvy consumers. They deserve transparency, and so does your brand.

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