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Personal injury

4 Common Mistakes That Personal Injury Claimers Make

From the injury-causing incident to the process of filing the personal injury claim, there are many mistakes that one can make. While there is no step-by-step process to make sure that every personal injury claim is successful, learning from common mistakes is a good way to ensure just compensation.   Here are the mistakes you

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person looking at emloyee's financial documents

Wage Garnishment 101: Top Things You Must Know

Wage garnishment is a court order that mandates a person’s employer to divert part of that person’s income to settle debts owed to a loan institution or an individual. This process will continue until such a point that the person’s entire debt has been paid off. Such debts may come from student loans, credit card

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criminal law book

Assault Charges: How Should You Defend Yourself When Wrongly Accused?

Attempting to cause or inflicting bodily harm on someone else is legally considered assault. There are different forms of assault, and these include domestic and sexual assault, negligent homicide, and murder. For most people, more so for those in a close relationship, assault other than murder or homicide is a minor issue. An assault charge

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What You Need to Know About Trucking

The trucking industry continues to grow every year, and in the U.S., at least 7.4 million jobs are supplied from the industry. Even so, demand stays high for truck drivers in both rural and urban settings, so it’s natural to become interested in finding a job there. Before jumping on the wheel, here are some

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Is It Time to Call It Quits with Your Spouse?

Filing for divorce is a decision that should not be taken lightly. If you think your marriage is on the brink of death, you have three options: try to mend it, file a divorce, or do nothing about it and let it die a natural death. To help you decide, we round up the most

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police car

The Essential Upgrades For Police Vehicles

To become a police vehicle, a car needs to be strong enough to withstand constant use, be fast enough to chase after suspects and be powerful enough to switch from idle to top speeds in a matter of seconds, among many other requirements. While not all police cars are used for intense, high-speed chases, a

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The Most Common Cases of Family Lawyers

The reality is, family isn’t always forever. There could be complex situations that your family may face. Spouses grow apart. Children aren’t being taken care of as they should be. Spouses may be able to settle on an agreement outside of court or through mediation. But when they can’t agree on a matter, this is

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last will and testament

Inheritance Enmity: How to Prevent It from Happening

When somebody passes away, one of the most common discussions is that of inheritance of the estate. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the reasons for infighting within the family. Being the owner of the estate, you would want to stop those quarrels when they happen, but how can you do that if you’re dead? You

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divorce concept

With Your Assets Intact: Financial Survival for Divorces

Divorce is bad news for several reasons. Besides a devastating emotional blow, it can take a bite out of your finances. A marriage involves two legal entities becoming one and this carries on over to financial assets. When a divorce happens, it can be difficult to separate those two legal entities without some hurt. To

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