4 Common Mistakes That Personal Injury Claimers Make

Personal injury

From the injury-causing incident to the process of filing the personal injury claim, there are many mistakes that one can make. While there is no step-by-step process to make sure that every personal injury claim is successful, learning from common mistakes is a good way to ensure just compensation.


Here are the mistakes you must avoid:


1. Not documenting enough


At the scene of the accident, you must document everything that will be needed for your claim. If you are able to do so, take pictures and videos of the scene, then write down all the names, addresses, contact information, of everyone involved, as well as witnesses. If you are in severe pain, ask someone else to do it for you, perhaps an EMT or a bystander.


After you leave the scene of the accident, make a written note or voice record of what happened to the best of your memory. Keep all of the documents, receipts, business cards, and other various paperwork involved with your treatment thereafter. If you are visibly injured, it will help to take pictures of your injuries as well. Gathering all of this evidence and information will help you make a successful claim and will make it easier for you to fight for fair compensation, so don't make the mistake of not getting enough documentation.


2. Going to just any lawyer


Lawyers and law firms have their own area of expertise, so a spinal cord injury lawyer in Kent may not be as well-versed in say, one that specializes in a semi-truck accident. If your personal injury claim is wrongfully denied or the insurance company is not offering you enough compensation, find a lawyer that specializes in personal injury claims.


Don't just go to the first lawyer you see, though, even if they are experienced in personal injury. Take some time to shop around and look for a lawyer that best fits your needs and budget.


3. Not cooperating with the doctor


Aside from ensuring that your health and overall wellbeing are intact, cooperating with your doctor will give you the medical documentation needed to support your claim. Thus, it is imperative that you continue seeing your appointed doctor after the accident, especially when your insurance company requires you to do so. Even if you don't feel any symptoms, you must go to your doctor when needed and cooperate with their orders.


4. Settling your claim prematurely


Some insurance companies offer to settle a claim with a set amount before you even get to talk to a lawyer. When this happens to you, approach the situation carefully. Don't talk to anybody else about the accident without your lawyer. Don't sign or accept anything as well. Settling your claim prematurely can lead you not to get the fair compensation you deserve. And sometimes, your injury can last longer than expected. In which case, if you accept a settlement early, you cannot make another claim.


These are just some of the most common mistakes that people make when they file a claim. Knowing these by heart will help you avoid running into trouble when filing a personal injury claim of your own.

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