Basic Things You Need to Know About Laptops

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The beginning of the 21st century also marked our venture towards the digital age. Anywhere you go, you will see the real-world applications of digital technology. From our jobs to our primary forms of communication, none of these would be possible without our recent technological advancements.

One essential device that rose from these endeavors is laptops. Almost all industries use laptops for their operations, and commercial consumers have also found the advantages of owning one for entertainment purposes.

Laptop vs. PC

There are many similarities between laptops and desktop computers, but their differences are just as many. For instance, both can process commands in milliseconds, but not both of them can fit inside a bag. That being said, below are some of the main differences between a desktop PC and a laptop.


Another huge difference between a desktop PC and a laptop is the components. Personal computers require a separate central processing unit or CPU, keyboard, mouse, and monitor. Laptops are specifically built to incorporate all of these in a single device.

Portability and Assembly

Because of the size and all the different components of a desktop computer, you need a desk to accommodate all of them. This means that you can’t conveniently bring it anywhere. Since laptops are compact, they are also portable. You don’t need to assemble anything before using it, and they can fit inside a bag if you need to bring them somewhere.

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Benefits of Having a Laptop

While desktop computers may excel in certain areas, perhaps laptops are the best option for you, considering all your needs in our world’s current situation. Laptops can now perform at the same level as desktop computers, and you get to enjoy certain benefits you wouldn’t find on a PC. We’ve listed some of them below.

Work, Stream, or Play Anywhere

While desktop computers and laptops certainly can connect to the internet, desktop computers only allow you to this at home. Since most cafés, offices, and recreational areas are now WiFi ready, you can use your laptop to work, stream, or play anywhere. Some laptops would even allow you to insert a SIM card for mobile data connectivity. This means that anything you need on the internet, whether it’s personal or for work, can be accessed when you have a connection and a laptop wherever you are. You can also utilize your Brivo access control with a laptop and keep your video surveillance products running.

For All Ages

One major disadvantage of desktop computers is that they have many different components, making it harder for children or the elderly to understand and use them. On the other hand, laptops would only require you to press a button, flip the screen open, and anyone can use it already.

Offline Operation

Another benefit that laptops provide is that you can use them offline. While desktop computers may also allow you to use programs without connecting to the internet, you would still need a power source to use them. Laptops are equipped with batteries, which means they can function for a few hours even without plugging them into an electric socket, allowing you to use them for offline operations like presentations.


Laptop Accessories

To experience the full potential of your laptop, you may need a few accessories. Whether you’re a MacOS or a Windows user, having the best accessories will increase your laptop’s performance and keep it protected. That being said, here are the best laptop accessories you should have.

Laptop Bag

Laptops are specifically made to be portable, which means bringing them anywhere you go is one way to unleash their maximum potential. However, some dangers come with laptop transit. That’s why you need a laptop bag to help you carry it easier while keeping it protected from accidental bumps and falls.

Flash Drive/External Hard Drives

While most laptops nowadays have 500GB to 1TB storage, it still pays to have a flash drive or an external hard drive. This helps you transfer files from one device to another while also functioning as additional storage.

Cooling Pads

If you tend to overuse your laptop and notice it heats up rather quickly, be sure to invest in cooling pads. These function as a surface to put your laptop on and are equipped with fans to keep your laptop cool. Furthermore, some cooling pads have adjustable heights to get the right ergonomics when using your laptop.

It’s astonishing how far we’ve reached in the world of digital technology. While all of the devices we have today are already mind-bogglingly advanced, it’s a certainty that they would all keep on improving. Having a laptop keeps you on the right track towards the future.


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