What You Should Know About Annual Legal Checkups

You’re probably aware of the importance of preventive medicine, but are you aware of the importance of preventive legal advice? People usually wait until they’re faced with a legal crisis before consulting a lawyer, and in most scenarios, by then, it may be a little too late. To prevent this from happening to you, consider having annual legal checkups.

What’s an Annual Legal Checkup?

Think of an annual legal checkup as a checkup for your personal and business affairs. It entails having your lawyer evaluate your affairs to help ensure that you begin the coming year fully protected and healthy, legal-wise, that is.

Does your business structure need changing? Are all your contracts valid and up-to-date? Do you want to amend your will or establish a trust? These are the kinds of things that your lawyer will look into during your annual legal checkup.

Checking Up on Your Taxes


Whether you’re sending documents to your accountant or filling out forms online for your taxes, you probably have some nagging tax questions. A lawyer will be able to give you the right advice for the coming year instead of dealing with your taxes retroactively.

Looking After Your Estate

Planning for what happens upon your death might seem morbid, but you are actually doing the loved ones you’re leaving behind a huge favor. The probate process isn’t easy, but having a will could give your loved ones some comfort and peace. Also, your familial and financial status could change without warning, so you should revisit your estate plan with your financial planning lawyer yearly.

Evaluating Your Business

All businesses, whether big or small, will require some legal help from time to time. From employment problems to advice on incorporation, business owners must meet with their lawyers regularly. For instance, your lawyer can check your current contracts and ensure that they include the necessary terms and in line with your needs.

Your lawyer could likewise ensure that you’ve filed and secured the correct documents, permits, and licenses your business needs to operate. Similarly, even employees sometimes need some legal advice regarding workplace issues, retirement, or benefits.

Scheduling Your Annual Legal Checkup

The ideal time to undergo a legal checkup is at the end of the year. Having a regular schedule for reviewing all your legal affairs is an excellent way to help make sure that your lawyer is always updated on your specific legal requirements.

Resist the Urge to Do Your Own Annual Legal Checkup

With all the legal forms and information that you can easily find online, some people may think that handling legal matters by themselves is easy. However, it’s also imperative to remember that certain legal matters will require help from an experienced lawyer.

And although you might argue that you’re free of any legal trouble right now, keep in mind that aside from getting you out of legal messes, your lawyer can likewise keep you away from them, with help, in part, from regular annual legal checkups. Take care to accomplish them every year.

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