What to Do When You Get Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

No rider wants to get involved in a motorcycle crash, as it could be debilitating or fatal, if not leading to some bruises and broken bones. Many bikers have this nagging feeling every time they ride their bike that at any turn, there could be an accident waiting to happen. But it should not deter us from enjoying the freedom and thrill that a nice motorcycle ride can offer.

However, accidents can happen and it’s something that we should just have to deal with. The best thing we can do is know what we should do if we find ourselves involved in a motorcycle crash. This way, we can protect ourselves and avoid the common pitfalls that clueless riders have to deal with.

An experienced motorcycle accident injury attorney in Denver cites some important things to remember if you got into a mishap.

Check yourself first

This could be a hard thing to do especially if you got shocked by the crash or panicked because of it. But the first thing that you must do right after the crash is to check yourself from head to foot to see if you sustained any injuries. Try to stay calm by having deep breaths to relax and calm your nerves. This will allow you to have a better understanding of the extent of the damage and hopefully help you make the right decision on what to do next.

Try to pick yourself up and move to a safer area

If you can physically pick yourself up by standing or crawling, you must do so immediately. Move to the side of the road where you would be safe from oncoming traffic so you don’t risk getting hit. Never mind your bike if you can’t pick it up as your safety is of paramount importance.

Call the relevant authorities

If your phone is still working, immediately call for an ambulance or the police to send help to your location. If you’re uninjured but the other driver or its passengers are, you should prioritize calling 911 for medical help. If no one has apparent injuries, you may opt to call the police first so they could start their investigation into the crash.

Document the crash


If you can, try to document the accident site and look for nearby witnesses and record their statements on what they saw happened. Do this as soon as possible as witnesses would have the best-possible recollection right after the accident. You should also take photos or videos of the accident site, particularly of the position of the vehicles and your injuries, if possible. Your documentation could be a vital piece of evidence in case you would file for a lawsuit or insurance claim.

Contact your insurance company immediately

You should immediately give your insurance company a call to inform them about the accident. Foregoing such a critical report could affect your insurance claim, as it could mean neglect on your end. Secure all the necessary police reports and other forms of documentation that the insurance company would need to process your claim.

With these tips, you would have a better chance of getting the best out of an otherwise traumatic experience. Remember that you should become a victim twice through simple neglect of these basic post-accident actions, so follow them by heart and stay safe on the road.

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