Why You Need to Offer Incentives to Hire Women

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As a business owner or entrepreneur, it’s essential to have a workforce representative of the population. Not only is it the right thing to do, but studies have shown that companies with a more diverse workforce are more successful. Here are five incentives you’ll need to offer when hiring women for your company.

Legal Services

Women are vulnerable to all sorts of legal problems. Here are the three most recommended legal services you should offer your female employees.


Divorce is relatively common in a country like the United States. As a result, women are likely to experience it, which could affect their work performance. Offering a divorce attorney for women in your workplace can alleviate some stress and allow them to focus on their job.

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is a severe issue for women in the workplace. Providing a legal service specializing in sexual harassment cases can ensure that your female employees feel safe and protected in their work environment.


Unfortunately, discrimination against women, whether in hiring or promotions, still exists. Offering a discrimination attorney can help empower women to speak up if they experience discrimination at work.

Flexible Hours

Another incentive you’ll need to offer when hiring women is flexible hours. Many women have caring responsibilities outside work, such as children or elderly parents. As a result, they may need to be able to adjust their work schedule around these other commitments. Offering flexible hours will show that you’re willing to accommodate your employees’ needs and make it easier for them to balance work and home life.

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Paid Parental Leave

Paid parental leave is another essential benefit you’ll need to offer when hiring women. According to a study by the International Labour Organization, only 38% of working mothers in the United States have access to paid parental leave. This leaves many mothers struggling to afford childcare and other necessary expenses. By offering paid parental leave, you’ll be able to attract and retain top talent while showing commitment to supporting working families.

Childcare Benefits

In addition to paid parental leave, you’ll also need to offer childcare benefits if you want to attract and retain female employees. According to a National Association of Women Business Owners report, 61% of working mothers say childcare costs are their most significant barrier to success at work. So, by offering subsidies or discounts on childcare, you can help ease the financial burden on working mothers and make it easier for them to excel in their careers. Here are some ways you can implement childcare benefits in your office:

  • Partnering with a nearby daycare or offering on-site childcare.
  • Offering discounted rates or subsidies for employees at local daycares or childcare centers.
  • Providing backup emergency childcare options for last-minute needs.
  • Allowing work-from-home options for parents who need to care for sick children.

Positive Work-Life Balance

Lastly, you’ll need to offer a positive work-life balance to keep your female employees happy and engaged in their work. According to a survey by the Pew Research Center, 58% of working mothers say they find it very difficult to balance their job and family responsibilities. So, you must offer policies and benefits that help employees manage their time effectively and reduce stress. Here are three benefits that can help you gain a positive work-life balance in your office:

Telecommuting options

Allowing employees to work from home or remotely can give them the flexibility to balance their work and personal lives.

Unlimited vacation policies

Traditional vacation policies often have restrictions and limitations, which can stress employees trying to plan time off. Offering unlimited vacation policies allows employees to take time off when needed without feeling guilty or stressed about using up their allotted days.

Wellness programs

Wellness programs can help women in your company stay healthy. Here are a couple of options when offering wellness programs to them:

  • Yoga: Women need time to relax and unwind, and providing yoga classes can help them do so.
  • Mental health resources: Women need access to mental health resources, such as therapy or counseling, to manage stress and maintain their emotional well-being.

By offering these benefits, you’ll be able to attract and retain top female talent in your company while promoting a positive work-life balance for all employees.

If you want your company to succeed, you must have a workforce representative of the population—which means hiring women! But attracting top female talent requires more than just posting a job ad; you’ll also need to offer the right incentives. By providing these incentives, you’ll be able to show your commitment to supporting working families, which will help you attract and retain top female talent.

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