How to Ensure Productivity in a Work-from-Home Setup

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As we slowly adapt to the new normal life conditions due to the coronavirus outbreak, more people are finding themselves doing remote work from the comfort of their homes. Several companies have been forced to switch to a work from home setting as governments implement quarantine measures and community lockdowns to prevent the spread of the dreadful virus.

During these uncertain times, adapting quickly and effectively is a crucial skill for both companies and their employees. Working from home can be challenging for the employees because they might have a more challenging time working with all the distractions.

If you belong to the workers who have been thrust into remote work by the pandemic, here are a few tips to help you work more efficiently and productively at home.

Set Up A Designated Workplace

It can be hard to work at home because you don’t feel that you are in a working environment. That’s perfectly normal since most of us associate our homes with feelings of comfort, safety, and relaxation. In some settings, the house isn’t quite that relaxing, perhaps due to many family members, noisy children, restless pets, and other reasons. This scenario doesn’t paint an ideal setting for work, either.

In situations like this, the best option would be to create a designated workplace in your house. Utilize empty spaces and turn them into a makeshift office of sorts where you can’t be disturbed or distracted during your working hours. If possible, try to work somewhere far from the common rooms of the house. Staying away from potential sources of distraction and unnecessary noise can do wonders for your work mindset.

Unfortunately, this option does not apply to everyone since not all of us have spacious houses. If you can’t create a separate working space, the following advice might be better for you.

Make Sure You Have Ideal Working Equipment

Many people who work from home have technical difficulties because they don’t have the right equipment for their jobs. Not all companies can provide office computers, so some workers are stuck with old laptop models that run too slow when used for many tasks simultaneously. If you have the resources, it is advisable to purchase a new computer that you can use exclusively for work. There is a good chance that the work from home setting will stay for a while, so investing in a computer is a good move for your career and sanity.

The peripherals are also necessary. Wireless keyboards are great for employees who cannot set up a home office because it allows them to work anywhere in the house. They can stay in the bedroom and work on the bed or sit out on the patio while typing the daily output. A wireless keyboard offers the convenience of mobility, which is valuable in this kind of arrangement.

In that same light, using a wireless mouse is advisable since you can bring with it you around the house without worrying about its connection to the computer. There’s also the fact that you won’t have to worry about the cord being tangled anymore. We’ve all had our fair share of moments with a cordless mouse getting tangled in itself, causing us to lose a few minutes at work in fixing the mess.

Finally, for workers who are used to a desktop computer but are suddenly left forced to work with their home laptops, owning a docking station will make you feel like you never left the office. A docking station is quite easy to use; you won’t need any prototype assembly skills to make it work. Plug your peripherals such as speakers, external monitor, wireless keyboard and mouse, printer, and digital camera into the docking station. Then connect it with your computer and enjoy working with multiple computer accessories again like you never left the office.

Make Use of Internet Innovations

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Working from home means you are reliant on a stable internet connection for office communications. Make sure to download innovative programs such as Zoom and Skype so you can easily collaborate with your co-employees through virtual meetings you can set anytime. You can also use chat systems and digital file-sharing apps to stay connected with your officemates as you work together to finish a project.

The new normal has made social distancing necessary, but the internet provides us with several options to bridge the gap digitally. There is no reason to lose communication with your workmates as long as you have an internet connection and your mobile phone or computer.

It will take a lot of adjustments, commitment, and discipline to succeed in a work from home setting. Some days will be more challenging than others, but as long as you keep the proper mindset and equip yourself with the right tools, you should start feeling more comfortable and productive working from home.

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