How Safety Harnesses Are Used With Crane Rental Services

In the video above, the reporter presents a detailed view of a tower crane in action, operated by an expert overseeing the counterweight. This particular tower crane is a vital component at one of New York City’s major construction sites, where a 53-story hotel is currently being developed. The ongoing construction involves digging down to establish the foundation, with workers strategically placing rebar for future concrete walls. The reporter highlights the significance of crane rental services in managing such construction equipment.

Moving further up the construction site, the video showcases workers actively involved in placing rebar for the upcoming floors.

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The reporter draws attention to the safety measures employed, particularly the use of safety harnesses by the construction workers. The significance of the staging area is explained, detailing how the rebar is lifted to higher floors. This demonstrates a meticulous approach to safety protocols, highlighting the commitment to ensuring the well-being of the workers involved in the construction process.

The video concludes with a view of a second tower crane at a nearby location, emphasizing the magnitude of the construction project. The reporter acknowledges the complexity and size of the job, expressing admiration for the workers’ adherence to safety measures. The video offers viewers an informative look at the operations and why safety measures are important.

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