Green and Healthy: How You Can Have a Well-Kept Lawn

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Having a green and healthy lawn is one of the greatest achievements that most homeowners can accomplish. A green and well-kept lawn does not only add more beauty to your house, but it also gives you a sense of achievement. It makes your home look clean and organized. Lawn & landscape maintenance is one of the hardest things to do on your own considering how the grass responds differently to each season, but it is not impossible to achieve. With the right amount of dedication, and a little lawn care, you can acquire that pristine greenery you have always dreamed of. Here are a few tips that could help you get it done.

Test Your Lawn’s Soil

Do not be overly eager in achieving that green grass in a snap of a finger by immediately tossing different types of chemicals on your soil. First, you need to determine what your soil really needs. What are the nutrients that are required? What fits best? These questions can be answered through soil-testing. Spending a little more for the sake of knowing exactly what your lawn needs is definitely worth it.

Create a Schedule for Applying Fertilizers

According to research, fertilizing your lawn and applying weed killers should be done at least twice a year. It helps if you set the schedule for these ahead of time, so you won’t forget. Also be mindful of fertilizer brands that you buy. Make sure they are reliable and are fertilizers with approved formulations. For those who are having issues with extensive weed growth, the most recommended time to apply weed killers is during the first 6 weeks of spring and summer. When cut early, the weeds would not have the chance to grow hard roots that would be tough to remove over time and prevent their reproduction.

Apply Great Volumes of Water (But Not All The Time)

While it is definitely necessary to water the plants and grass, the biggest misconception is that it needs to be done often to keep them green and healthy. You can actually just water your lawn once a week. But when you do, make sure that each part is watered equally and with sufficient volume of water for each portion. This way, your lawn would be soaked and would grow stronger roots. For those who only have started, however, you need to water your lawn every day for a few minutes – only adding more as the seeds start to grow.

Give Your Lawn a Good Trim


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In order to remove dead grass, the recommended cutting height is 1 and ½ inches. This is only for the first trimming of the year in order for sunlight to adequately reach the top of the grass plants. The average height that your lawn should be approximately 3 to 3 ½ inches tall. Keep in mind that cutting it too short would prevent the grass from growing strong root systems.

Lawn maintenance can be a lot of work, regardless of the size of your property. The good thing however, is that you do not have to do it all by yourself. There are many services that offer lawn care maintenance, as well as landscaping, with great deals as well as great results. For those who still wish to have that sense of accomplishment however, use the tips listed above as your guide for a green and healthy lawn.

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