Does Appearance Matter as a Salesperson? Here’s How to Attract Buyers

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In the world of sales, a common belief exists that one has to be attractive to persuade prospective buyers. People think that the physical appearance of a salesperson impacts their likelihood of succeeding. And as consumers, we may unconsciously be drawn to a lovely sales staff, too, especially if it’s a cosmetic product we’re looking for.

But the truth is, while good-looking salespeople can catch more attention, it doesn’t necessarily result in making a sale. A study found that customers can be intimidated by an attractive salesperson, especially if it’s an “embarrassing” product they’re trying to buy,

Hence, if you’re not confident about your looks and feel inferior to your fellow salespeople, don’t let it bring you down. Physical appearances are just facades, and what matters more is your skill in pitching your product.

That said, here are ways to build confidence as a salesperson:

1. Focus on Personality Development

It’s okay to get a makeover, but in persuading a customer, your personality is more crucial. Salespeople usually have four different personality types, as follows:

  • Assertiveness: for competitive, goal-oriented people who’d like to be in control
  • Amiable: for friendly and calm people who are easy to talk to. Good listeners
  • Expressive: for creative, spontaneous, and persuasive people who naturally please others
  • Analytic: for logical, fact-driven, and direct people

The personality type you should develop depends on the product you’re selling, as well as your strengths. If you’re employed in the beauty industry, for example, you’d likely benefit the most from being expressive. But if you’re catering to mega-corporations, an analytical personality may earn you more credibility and trust.

Therefore, suit your persona to your product and market. A good salesperson must be able to adjust easily and be confident in their required persona as if it’s their natural self.

2. Know Your Target and the Benefits of Your Product

If you don’t seem well-informed about your target and the product you’re selling, you won’t likely persuade a customer. Hence, aside from honing your personality, take time to educate yourself thoroughly about your market. Study how your company’s product can benefit them. Identify the problems it can solve. Determine why it suits their lifestyle.

For example, if you’re selling makeup products, don’t just approach any adult female. Be specific in their age range, income, educational attainment, profession, interests, etc. Targeting a niche in the market ensures that you’re selling to the right people.

3. Stay Focused

A sharp focus would be one of your best weapons to hit your quotas. When talking to a customer, you shouldn’t pause to check your phone, or suddenly falter because you remember an office gossip.

Workplace politics, competition, and other issues shouldn’t hold you back. Be completely immersed as you speak to a customer, focusing only on their questions and your product.

4. Have a Makeover

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Good looks may not be a salesperson’s most important trait, but in certain circumstances, they highly matter. For example, if you’re selling a dental product, you’d look more credible if you have a set of aligned and white teeth.

Similarly, selling beauty products or weight-loss supplements would also make your appearance matter. Hence, if you’re in the cosmetics industry, improve your physical traits that may be scrutinized. Invest in a cosmetic dentistry procedure if you need symmetrical teeth and jaws. Or go to a dermatologist if you’re selling an anti-acne product.

Most importantly, overcome your insecurities and learn how to value yourself. The competition will be challenging, and it won’t get more manageable by giving up. Stay focused on reaching your goals, and your company will recognize your talent and significance.

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