Digital Marketing Strategies for Tech Companies

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As a tech company, it makes more sense to use the web for marketing your offerings instead of relying on traditional marketing methods. Embracing digital marketing is an excellent way to promote your products and services and reach out to more people who can be your potential customers. But as technology advances each year, marketing strategies also continue to evolve. This makes it hard even for technology companies to keep up in a highly competitive market.

But to stand out, you must stay up-to-date with cutting-edge online marketing trends. To guide you in this matter, we’ll cover some of the best digital marketing strategies you can try.

  1. Pay Per Click

Despite the debate on gaining authority online through sponsored links, there’s no question that it’s one of the top strategies used today to boost exposure. This basically helps you promote your brand to targeted users, who are more likely to be converted into sales leads. Pay Per Click or PPC offers great flexibility for tech companies to test and change their ads in just a matter of days. Plus, you’ll never have to pay for additional charges as the cost of the ad will depend on the budget you set.

Setting up a PPC campaign also provides you with precise tracking. You can measure or monitor revenue per click, click rates, and total return of investment. If you’re not happy with the results, you can easily make changes and create a more effective campaign.

  1. SEO Marketing

Still considered one of the best marketing strategies today, search engine optimization helps boost brand exposure to search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. More than half of Internet searches have stated they’ve found a new product or service after a search. One important element of an effective SEO strategy is high-quality and relevant content.

For example, if you’re in the biotechnology field, you can produce interesting content about target-specific assays like epigenetic drug discovery or kinome profiling. Internal linking is also important. Be sure the content has reliable links to help the readers learn more. You can link sources or sites of other leading experts in epigenetic drug discovery or kinome profiling.

Aside from producing quality and relevant content, you’d also need to improve your website’s speed, compatibility, and user experience. Search engines are known for ranking websites that are mobile-friendly and fast. With a well-executed SEO campaign, you can secure a spot on the first page of a search engine giant like Google, organically increasing your sales and growing your business.


  1. Social Media

There are plenty of reasons why your tech company should consider social media marketing. First off, most consumers today are using social media. If you’re a tech company that develops online shopping apps for young people, this is definitely the best channel to promote it. Social media users are more inclined to use innovative apps and technology and learn their way around it.

Social media also gives you the flexibility to post various content types, from blog posts, case studies, to videos. For instance, let’s say you are creating green-tech products used for industrial emissions or wastewater treatment. You can produce instructional or informative videos on YouTube or Facebook to better introduce your innovations.

Furthermore, social media marketing offers unique targeting options. Facebook, for example, has ad targeting options that enable businesses to only target users who are interested in certain subjects. You can create a more targeted audience based on their demographics, education, income, and more.

  1. Influencer Marketing

This marketing strategy has been used by tons of businesses to promote their products to a wider market and earn ambassadors for their brand. Find influential people in the technology field or popular individuals who share the same mission with your tech company. Establishing a good relationship with such individuals will help you to achieve deeper market penetration. The influencers can help you boost your tech company’s online exposure and even reach a larger market.

In choosing the right influencer, consider things like reach, relevance, and resonance. How big is their community across different channels? How often are they talking about topics related to your business? Does the content they create resonate with their viewers and earn great engagement?

There’s absolutely a wide variety of online marketing strategies that you can try. However, be certain to only invest in those that will help you reach your specific business goals. So if the strategies we’ve mentioned in this blog suit your needs, we recommend seeking the help of digital marketing strategists to ensure you’ll get desirable results. Start your digital marketing journey today and stay ahead of your competitors!

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