Common Challenges in the Time of COVID-19: What Startup Companies Face

Some entrepreneurs have managed to find light amidst the chaos brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike other entrepreneurs and business owners who gave up on their businesses or business ideas, some still managed to recreate, reinvent, or even reincarnate their business.

However, starting or restarting a business during the pandemic has been proven an arduous task. If you wish to put into life your business idea in 2021, you should be aware of some of the common problems faced by entrepreneurs when starting a business.

Common Problems Entrepreneurs Face During Start-up

Financial Problem

For any startup business to survive these uncertain times, cash flow is critical. One of the major concerns for small businesses relates to the financial aspect of their business.

As the business continues to grow, expenditures likewise increase. In most cases, startup companies who are unable to manage their finances properly eventually succumb to bankruptcy.

To avoid such scenarios of closing your business due to debts or lack of finances, you should minimize your cost from the very beginning. Alternatively, securing credit is a must and should precede any business needs.

Marketing Problem

Another concern that most startup companies and even those established companies face is the lack of proper marketing strategy. Regardless of the finances and product integrity, if marketing is not handled well, things would be rough for a business to survive, especially during this pandemic.

Without laying down a comprehensive marketing solution from the onset of the business, profit will surely take a dive. You can avoid marketing issues if you capitalize on online marketing tools and services to boost marketing strategy amidst this global crisis.

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Personnel Problem

This type of problem includes not just the human resource department but also the talent acquisition team. The lack of dedicated team members will greatly affect your business in the long run. That is why some startup companies do not last long because of officers and team members who lack the commitment and skills to do their duties.

To go beyond the startup phase of your business, you will need to hire dedicated personnel from the very start of your business. Proper synergy and coordination should be cultivated among team members through practicing good communication and organization.

Legal Problem

One of the least foreseen issues of most companies would be legal issues. Some companies forget to check the legal requirements of their business, including tax, insurance, and other government protocols.

When it comes to legal concerns, you can always hire a lawyer to suit your specific legal needs. The legal profession is brimming with legal experts and talents, including captive insurance attorneys, tax lawyers, corporate lawyers, which can easily help you with your legal needs.

Branding Problem

Branding is crucial for any business. It communicates how a product or company wanted its target market and customers to perceive them. However, not all startup companies have clear branding, which leads to confusion among customers.

Avoid confusion with your branding; it is highly suggested to give more emphasis on branding during the planning stage of your business. Try to incorporate your company’s mission, vision, and goal as you craft your own branding.

In order to avoid costly mistakes, especially concerning your branding, finances, legal requirements, team acquisition, and human resources, it would be best to always consult an expert for help.

Additionally, thorough research and backtest will also help increase your chances of succeeding as a business. With technological innovations, almost everything you need to start a successful business is within reach. All you have to do is to put in the time and effort to manage the said resources.

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