Making Your Building Secure & Attractive to Commercial Tenants

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  •  Comprehensive security audits can identify potential vulnerabilities in commercial buildings, enhancing tenant safety and property appeal.
  • Upgrading physical access controls, including biometric and smart card access, enhances building security and tenant convenience.
  • Video surveillance systems deter potential criminals while offering real-time monitoring of building areas to ensure tenant safety.
  • Robust cybersecurity measures, such as firewalls and anti-virus software, safeguard tenant data and fortify your building’s digital infrastructure.
  • Investing in emergency response systems and protocols provides extra security, demonstrating to potential tenants that their safety is a priority.

As a real estate owner, one of your primary goals is to maximize occupancy rates in your commercial buildings. To achieve that, you have to prioritize your tenants’ needs and preferences, especially regarding security. In today’s uncertain times, tenants are more cautious than ever, and they’re looking for properties that offer safe and secure environments. By investing wisely in security infrastructure, you can attract and retain top-notch tenants who will positively impact your financial success. This blog post will provide valuable insights on improving building security to attract commercial tenants.

Conduct a Security Audit

To identify potential vulnerabilities in your building’s security, you must conduct a comprehensive security audit. Engage the services of a reputable security company’s services to thoroughly evaluate your property, including its physical components, electronic systems, policies, and procedures. The audit report will provide you with a roadmap of steps you need to take to enhance security and protect your tenants and assets from potential threats.

Upgrade Physical Access Controls

Physical access controls are the first line of defense against unauthorized entry to your property. If your building has outdated or ineffective access controls, it’s time to upgrade. Depending on your building’s size and layout, you may want to consider installing modern entry systems such as the following:

Biometric access

Many modern entry systems leverage biometric identification technology, such as fingerprint scanning and facial recognition. These systems are easy to use and reliable for preventing unauthorized access. When tenants enter the building, they can quickly scan their fingerprints for easy entry.

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Smart card access

Smart cards use encrypted technology to store information about the cardholder’s identity, allowing tenants to access the building with a simple swipe of their card. Smart cards can also be used for parking garage access and other services that require secure authentication.

Electric locks and door strikes

Electric locks and door strikes are essential components of any access control system. An electric lock can be powered manually or with a remote control, while an electric door strike requires an electric current to open the door. Both products offer enhanced protection and peace of mind to tenants who use them.

Intercom systems

Intercom systems are great for tenants who want to screen visitors before they enter the building. They allow tenants to remotely communicate with visitors and grant or deny them access through an electronic door release system.

Install Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems are critical for real-time monitoring of your building’s common spaces, lobbies, parking areas, and entrances. They also serve as a powerful deterrent against potential criminals. Ensure your cameras work correctly, covering all necessary points and providing clear images. You can also opt for video analytics solutions that proactively detect abnormal activity and alert security personnel.

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Improve Cyber Security

In today’s digital age, cyber-attacks are a common threat to businesses of all sizes. As such, it’s vital to have robust cyber security systems in place to protect your building and tenant’s data. Install effective firewalls, anti-virus software, and intrusion detection systems to prevent unauthorized access to your network.

You can also conduct regular employee training sessions on cybersecurity protocols to reduce the chances of human error. Because data breaches can have serious financial and reputational consequences, taking proactive measures to secure your building is essential for attracting tenants.

Invest in Emergency Response Systems

Emergencies can happen anytime, and your building needs to be prepared to respond effectively. Consider investing in emergency response systems such as smoke detectors, fire alarms, intercoms, and mass notification systems that can alert tenants and security teams in an emergency. Also, create emergency evacuation plans and conduct regular drills to ensure your tenants know what to do in an emergency. Many tenants will appreciate the extra security and peace of mind that comes with knowing their safety is a priority.

By taking the necessary steps to improve building security, you can attract and retain high-quality tenants who will be an asset to your business. From conducting a thorough security audit to investing in emergency response systems, the above strategies can help you create a safe environment for your tenants while boosting occupancy rates. Always keep in mind that the security of your building is a critical factor in attracting commercial tenants. With the right investments, you can create an environment that will protect your tenants and benefit your bottom line.

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