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Green Peas

People’s tastes in food have become more diversified over the years. You can see evidence of that in the supermarket, where you can now see sections dedicated to whole foods, dairy-free products, and vegetarian fare. This is great because it provides options for those who want to live a healthier lifestyle.

A lot of people have the notion that meat is the best source of protein. The truth is, there are also plant-based foods that can serve as much, and you do not need to have a few nutrition diplomas to know that. Here are some protein-rich foods that would look right at home on a vegetarian menu.

Soybean Sprouts

Soybeans are a versatile bunch. If you are lactose intolerant, the next best thing you can have is soy milk. Just like its dairy counterpart, you can choose a variety of flavors from chocolate to strawberry. It mimics the creaminess and thickness of milk but none of the lactose. You can go one step further and make soybean curd. This is the basis of forming tofu, which is a favorite among vegetarians as it can be a vessel of flavors. You can also play with its texture. Go have it deep-fried if you want something crunchy, or you can let it melt in your mouth as you consume it with soup.

It is also fairly easy to grow soybean sprouts. You can grow it in a small pot and care for it with little maintenance. Just make sure you water it and have its daily dose of sunshine, and you should be all set. Once you have harvested some, you can enjoy its crunchy texture. Its taste is a mix of earthy and bitter, but it packs a punch with it having more than 25% of the daily values for every 100 grams.

Green Peas

When you were a kid, did you remember being given green pea soup? If you, you most likely hated that. The color can be off-putting to some, as it looks like a sample of swamp water served to you in a bowl. But if you give it a chance, you will see that it is a savory treat.

Eaten by itself, green peas have a nutty flavor, which makes it a good choice if you are hankering for a quick snack. It has a decent amount of protein at 11% per 100 grams.



As far as vegetables go, mushrooms seem like they are all over the place both in the literal and figurative sense. There are a lot of dishes where you can find them, and these can range from those more suited to the wellness buff or couch potatoes. You can see it as an ingredient in some pasta dishes, and you can also have it as a pizza topping. It is good with absorbing and mixing other flavors, and this makes it an ideal component in creating “faux” meat. In case you are wondering, mushrooms can have protein content that ranges from 6% to 8%.

Whether you like meat or not, the fact that there are vegetables out there that are rich in protein is good news. It means that your menu will be more diversified or you can follow your preference of not eating animal meat anymore. Either way, you will have good sources of muscle builders.

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