5 Uncommon Employee Benefits that Make Them Productive

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Is there a general unhappy mood in your office right now that has nothing to do with the pandemic raging chaos in our lives? People find it hard to focus on their work when stressed, unhappy, pressured, and agitated. A lot of factors go into job satisfaction. Employers often have difficulty finding the right mix of a compensation package to make their employees happy. No, wages and salaries are not enough. Employees need more from their jobs.

A study found out that employees are 20% more productive when they are happy at work. More than 70% of them also believed that their employers do not value them because they don’t provide perks and other benefits that some companies do. The problem with this is that most employers think compensating employees will cost more than simply making them earn their keep.

Sure, free gym memberships and free childcare will always involve a certain amount of money, but does it matter if your employees will do more and work harder? If they are bringing more clients than ever to your business, does the cost of providing free childcare hurt your profits? Do the math. Experts said that investing in your workforce is the best thing you can do for your business. Making them happy will boost their morale and productivity. It’s a tried and tested formula.

Low-cost Childcare

Or, make it free, if you can. This is already a staple in many companies to allow parents to go back to work as soon as they begin a family. However, not all companies are adopting this solution. Instead, they force parents to leave their infant children to babysitters and make them worry while in the office. Free or low-cost childcare facilities right in the office are the solution to that.

Office Uniform

Providing your employees with corporate clothing will make them feel that they are truly part of the team. You do not have to require them to wear it to work every day, but they should be free to do so if they like. It puts pride in their work when they don your company logo. Plus, it helps them save hundreds of dollars from having to buy their own office clothing.

Free Gym Membership

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Bonus points if the gym is located in the building or a short walk from it. If happy employees are more productive, then so are healthy employees. Your workers probably spend most of their days doing repetitive tasks—whether it’s typing on their computers or doing manual work on a construction site. The least you can do is offer them a way to combat muscle strains and injuries.

Birthdays Off

It is actually so simple and yet, employers still forget to give their employees time off. What is it with employers opting to give their employees a birthday cake than letting them off from work on that day? Give them the chance to take a day off during their birthday. As long as they’re done with the important tasks, they should be able to spend that day with their families.

Equipment Loan

Set up a plan on how you can provide a loan for your employees so that they can buy their own computers. Make this interest-free, too. You can determine a limit to the loan you will provide to them. Allow them to add from their own pockets if they want a better computer. Make sure the terms are clear about how they’re going to pay for it if they decide to leave your company, though.

These are straightforward things that any employer can provide. Aside from the free childcare facility, these are affordable employee benefits that even small businesses can afford. What’s stopping you from making your employees happier with their work?

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